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Flux Enterprise

AI-first hardware design at scale

Join leading Fortune 500s and over 300k hardware engineers revolutionizing the way they build PCBs with AI

Enterprise-level privacy and security

Security & data privacy

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    No training on your data
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    You own and control your data
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    Data encryption at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+)
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    SOC 1, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

Administrative controls

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    Insights into user adoption, engagement, and behavior
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    Fine-grained control over access
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    AI model customization and knowledge graph management

Access to Flux expertise

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    Dedicated account team and prioritized support
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    Tailored onboarding & live trainings
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    Consolidated invoicing

Teams build PCBs faster with an AI teammate

Help your hardware teams be more efficient by automating tedious tasks and enabling AI-powered workflows.

A collaborative EDA platform designed from the ground up to enable agile hardware teams to work together better.
Learn more.

A realtime knowledge graph enables AI functionality by connecting your supply chain, data pipelines, and company standards. Learn more.

Flux Copilot is an AI assistant that’s secure, trustworthy, customizable, and especially designed to meet the needs of hardware design teams.
Learn more.

Make parts with AI

Generate parts by uploading a datasheets and export them to tool of choice. Make datasheets interactive.

A SOIC-8 component being created from AI reading datasheets. A conversation between a user and an ai-design assistant, asking for the dissipation factor of C1. Logo of JEDEC, cadence and altium. Flux can export parts in any format.

Turn datasheets into digital twins of your parts by extracting symbol, footprint, 3d model, and even properties like voltage ratings and tolerances. Learn more.

Get instant answers from datasheets instead of wading through hundreds of pages of datasheets to find the information you need. Learn more.

Export parts in any format including JEP30, Cadence Allegro, Altium Designer and more. Contact Sales.

AI design reviews

Save time engineers spend doing tedious design reviews and review more frequently to catch errors sooner.

Set of copilot prompts for hardware design reviews arranged around a circle with an astronaut helmet at the center.

Ask Copilot for a design review to check for errors like unconnected pins, missing decoupling capacitors, or inappropriate tolerances.
Learn more.

Upload a BOM and netlist from existing EDA tool or build your project in Flux generate a knowledge graph that Copilot can understand.

Customize and share review templates with your company to reduce errors by reviewing more frequently. Learn more.

Research parts with AI

Never miss out on optimizations by using Copilot to recommend parts, evaluate alternatives, and research faster.

Set of copilot prompts for hardware design reviews arranged around a circle with an astronaut helmet at the center.

Tell Copilot what you want to build by sharing requirements, providing an image of a block diagram, or through natural conversation.

Get instant part recommendations that consider requirements like voltage range, communication interfaces, and clock speeds.

Check for compatibility to see if parts work well together, or quickly compare parts just by asking Copilot a question.

Eric Pan's photo, wearing a suite

Founder and CEO of Seeed Studio

Eric Pan

Flux and their AI Copilot will enable more people to design their own hardware. Seeed is gladly joining the efforts by bringing the latest open hardware designs to Flux public library!

Photo of Nathan Hughes

Space Engineer at Lunar

Nathan Hughes

Out of all the EDA Softwares I've used, Flux is the most innovative and future-focused. We can't wait to see how much Flux can do within the next few years!

Photo of Kerry Chayka wearing a blue tshirt.

Former iPhone Engineer

Kerry Chayka

As a one-man hardware startup, Flux lets me work as fast as an entire team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flux train on my data?


No, Flux does not use your business or enterprise data to train our models. Our models are developed using a wide range of publicly available data. For more details, visit our Privacy Statement.

How does Flux ensure my data is secure?


At Flux, we are committed to safeguarding your data with the highest standards of security. We employ robust encryption protocols, with all data encrypted in transit using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and at rest using AES-256 encryption standards. Our platform is designed with security-first architecture. Regular third-party audits and continuous security assessments further strengthen our commitment to secure your data.

Who owns the rights to designs created with Flux Copilot?


Flux does not claim any ownership over your designs or outputs. We do not determine whether a suggestion is capable of being owned. Whether a suggestion generated by an AI model can be owned depends on many factors (e.g. the intellectual property law in the relevant country, the length of the suggestion, the extent that suggestion is considered ‘functional’ instead of expressive, etc). If a suggestion is capable of being owned, our terms are clear: Flux does not claim ownership. For detailed information on intellectual property rights, please review our Terms of Service.

Can Flux work alongside the tools I already use?


Yes, Flux is designed to enhance and complement your existing EDA toolchain, including popular platforms like Cadence Allegro and Altium Designer. Flux enriches your engineering workflow by enabling AI-driven use cases like:

  • Make Parts with AI: Convert datasheets into digital twins of your parts 4000x faster, extracting essential data like symbols, footprints, and electrical properties. Export to JEP30 and other formats.
  • Research Parts with AI: Get instant answers from datasheets, significantly speeding up the part research process without digging through hundreds of pages of datasheets.
  • AI Design Reviews: Upload a BOM and netlist to use AI to conduct thorough design reviews 10x faster, reducing errors and ensuring manufacturability.
  • Architecture Design with AI: Streamline architectural planning with AI, explore more architectural options, and enhancing design accuracy and project efficiency.
  • Parse Datasheets with AI: Quickly extract and utilize technical data from datasheets, transforming them into actionable insights.

Flux is also capable of replacing your entire EDA platform and developing complex PCBs.

How accurate is Flux Copilot, and what are its limitations?


While our experiments have shown that Flux Copilot suggestions are of the same or better quality than the average engineer, we can’t give any assurance that it’s error free. Like any engineer, Copilot may sometimes be wrong. We recommend taking the same precautions you take with work done by your engineers (Reviews, Audits, etc.)

Does Flux Copilot copy and paste content?


No, Flux Copilot does not copy and paste content. Flux Copilot generates suggestions using probabilistic determination and a knowledge graph. When thinking about intellectual property and open source issues, it is critical to understand how Flux Copilot really works. The AI models that create Flux’s suggestions may be trained on public data, but do not contain any specific IP. When they generate a suggestion, they are not “copying and pasting” from any public data. Our Privacy Policy provides additional details on how we handle data.

How does Flux support large-scale enterprise deployments?


Flux is deployed at several Fortune 50 companies and offers comprehensive administrative tools, including centralized billing and usage insights. Our platform provides the tools and security necessary to support and manage large-scale operations efficiently and confidently. For detailed information on customization options and to discuss specific enterprise needs, please contact our sales team.

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