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Integrated Workflow

Draw schematics, source parts, simulate circuits, and layout PCBs all in one tool that always stays in sync.

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Reusable Blocks

Never start a project from scratch again. Like Github, Flux makes building upon the work of others easy.

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Modern Collaboration

Unlock new collaborative workflows and tear down information silos with modern version control, commenting, and real-time design reviews. 

Where hardware comes together. 👊

Whether you're building a simple circuit board or designing hardware for the next Mars mission, Flux is where great hardware projects are born.

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What is Flux?

Flux is a browser-based end-to-end electronic design tool that breaks down barriers.

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Showing a complex circuit on web browser. This is the screenshot of the actual Flux web app.
💚 Our beta users already love us.
Gabe Ochoa
"The electronics design software space sorely needs good tools with good UX that are designed for a "software first" age.
This is so cool!"
Vijay Pradeep
CEO of Virtana
"The Flux platform is definitely quite slick. The
collaboration feature alone is incredibly useful."
Vishal Chandra
Glue Labs
"If this can enable open source hardware and reusable circuit modules,
that would be awesome!"
Nick Parker
Praxis Mfg
"This is Figma for circuit design - ridiculously slick software in a space where everyone else's UX is stuck in 2005.
I'm beyond hyped to see this take over!"

Building out in the open

Let’s build something better. Together.

Flux is making something new, and we’re doing in a new way. It’s called building in the open. Join our community of engineers, makers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving hardware design tools.

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