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Screenshot of the Flux app showing a PCB in 3D mode with collaborative cursors, a comment thread pinned on the canvas, and live pricing and availability for a part on the board.

Flux Public Launch Announcement

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have decided to open up Flux and move out of private beta! What does this mean? If you’re a current user of Flux - nothing will change for you. For new users, this means that we’re now allowing anyone and their team to signup!

February 15, 2023

Arduino Uno Schematic Diagram: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we will discuss the key components of the Arduino Uno schematic, including the microcontroller, voltage regulator, USB interface, and passive components, and how they work together to make the board work.

February 6, 2023

Introduction to the ATtiny85 Microcontroller

From programming to hardware connections, this ATtiny85 comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know to get started. Read on and start exploring the endless possibilities of this tiny yet mighty microcontroller."

March 10, 2023

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Review: a Powerful and Affordable Mini Computer

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is a small and powerful computer with impressive performance for its size and price. With a quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, built-in wireless connectivity, and a USB On-The-Go port, it's suitable for many projects, including home automation, media centers, and robotics.

February 24, 2023

ESP32 Pinout: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a comprehensive guide to ESP32 pinout? Check out our article that covers everything you need to know about the ESP32's pins, including digital, analog, PWM, and Strapping pins. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, our guide will help you understand the ESP32's pinout and how to use it in your projects.

March 1, 2023

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi: Which Is the Best Board for You

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are two of the most popular single-board computers used by electrical engineers for various projects. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, and choosing between the two depends on the specific requirements of a project.

February 6, 2023

Raspberry Pi Pinouts: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the Raspberry Pi pinout diagram, including a description of each pin and its functions.

February 4, 2023

Exploring Different Types of Vias in PCB

One of the key components of PCBs are vias, which are tiny pathways that allow electrical signals to travel from one layer of the board to another. Vias are a staple of PCB design.

January 30, 2023

How to Use Flux When Soldering Electronics

A comprehensive guide to using solder flux in electronics soldering. Soldering flux is used to clean and prepare the surfaces of the components that need to be joined. It helps to remove oxidation and other contaminants that can prevent a strong bond from forming. Flux also reduces surface tension, allowing the solder to flow more easily and improves the wetting of the components.

February 3, 2023