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Integrated Workflow

Draw schematics, source parts, simulate circuits, and layout PCBs all in one tool that always stays in sync.

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Reusable Blocks

Never start a project from scratch again. Like Github, Flux makes building upon the work of others easy.

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Modern Collaboration

Unlock new collaborative workflows and tear down information silos with modern version control, commenting, and real-time design reviews. 

Where hardware comes together. 👊

Whether you're building a simple circuit board or designing hardware for the next Mars mission, Flux is where great hardware projects are born.

Led Blinking Multivibrator FlipFlop Circuit

A simulated blinking LED circuit using an astable multivibrator a.k.a "flip-flop" as a square wave generator. It also includes PCB layout of the project.

Powerbank Board

Fully-Integrated Bi-directional PD3.0 and Fast Charge Power Bank SOC with Multiple Input and Output Ports based on IP5328P

Bluetooth Low Energy Encoder

Based on SoC ESP32-C3-MINI-1 that allows you to program as HID volume multichannel control.

STM32L0 Board

A development board based on STM32L0, an ARM Cortex-M0+ ultra-low-power MCU.

Excalipad Project

Personalized keyboard based on ATMEGA32U4 that can be used in the game Excalipad.

16-channel Relay Module

16 channel relay that will allow you to control different types of electrical loads.

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What is Flux?

Flux is a browser-based end-to-end electronic design tool that breaks down barriers.

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💚 Our Beta users already love us.
Gabe Ochoa
"The electronics design software space sorely needs good tools with good UX that are designed for a "software first" age.
This is so cool!"
Vijay Pradeep
CEO of Virtana
"The Flux platform is definitely quite slick. The
collaboration feature alone is incredibly useful."
Vishal Chandra
Glue Labs
"If this can enable open source hardware and reusable circuit modules,
that would be awesome!"
Nick Parker
Praxis Mfg
"This is Figma for circuit design - ridiculously slick software in a space where everyone else's UX is stuck in 2005.
I'm beyond hyped to see this take over!"

Building out in the open

Let’s build something better. Together.

Flux is making something new, and we’re doing in a new way. It’s called building in the open. Join our community of engineers, makers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving hardware design tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is a Web-based app really performant?

Yes. Backed by a powerful 3D WebGL rendering engine that supports very large projects, we take performance seriously. Plus the Web comes with special powers, like real-time updates and seamless collaboration.


Why would I use Flux instead of Eagle or KiCAD?

Flux makes life easier by providing community-generated templates for you to start from! The biggest benefit that many professional EE’s have is never starting from scratch, why should you?


I don’t want a bunch of people in my design file...

Just like Google Docs, files are private unless you choose to share them with others. This means that you choose how collaborative you want to be within Flux. Sharing Flux projects has a lot of benefits: you can get instant feedback via comments directly in your design, so that means no more exporting PDFs and consolidating feedback.


I don’t have time to migrate my part library...

Flux has a community generated part library so you should be able to find the parts you need. We also support importing KiCAD format parts should there be anything missing. If you need help, feel free to request parts in our Slack Community in the #request-a-part channel or request parts using this form.


How much does Flux cost?

It's Free. Flux has free tier that is fully featured, meaning you can do everything the pros do right out of the box. You can upgrade to pro for $12/mo to have access to more than 10 private projects, or continue to use Flux free with unlimited private projects. You can learn more about pricing here.


If I get stuck, how do I get help?

We have great documentation, youtube channels, Overshoot Tutorials, and a Slack Community full of people willing to help!


Are there any educational discounts?

Yes! If you’re a student or an educator you can access our professional tier for free! There are specific criteria you must meet to qualify so please reach us here. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.


Who owns my project data?

You do! You own your data you create in Flux.


Ok, I'm ready. How do I make the switch?

Making the switch to Flux is easy. Create a free Flux account, find a template, and give it a test drive. Need a little more help? Check out this KiCAD to Flux Crash-course.